If you want a serious relationship, have you determined that your potential partner is also looking for the same? Are you well groomed and appropriately dressed? What kind of body language are you displaying?

This is the program to purchase before you join a dating site so that you can be prepared to be the Best of your Best.


Begins with a…

Mock Date:

A before and after experience. Enjoy a date with one of our age appropriate Dating Ready Team members who will be evaluating your poise, posture, and dating behavior in order to provide the honest rigorous feedback. After completing the Dating Ready circuit, you will experience a second mock date to again be evaluated for your progress.

Psychological Evaluation:

Diagnosis and understanding of your defense mechanisms so that you can understand how you may be sabotaging relationships and get on a healing path.
Diagnosis and understanding of the people you are choosing for partnership, why you are picking them, and what criteria you are using to make these choices.

Hair Consultation:

Consultation with one of LA’s hottest stylists who will provide you with a “smokin” new cut, color, and highlights.

Makeup Consultation:

Consultation with a professional Hollywood makeup artist who will evaluate you through a scientific approach to beauty/color theory utilizing Fibonacci sequencing, and Dr. Judy’s Color Hunger Theory, and provide you with a full makeover to accent your personal best.

Wardrobe Consultation:

Spend an hour with a former wardrobe master who will advise you on your current wardrobe, how to accent what you have, and how to add hot choices to your wardrobe and accessories that will radiate your personality.


We also provide referrals to the Dating Ready Team Partners offering cosmetic dental services, homeopathic nutrition, personal training, smoking cessation, weight control, and cosmetic surgery.


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