Get Dating Ready with Dr. Judy Rosenberg


•  How do you appear to a potential romantic partner?
•  Do you seem intelligent and engaging?
•  Are you well mannered?
•  Are you interested — and interesting?
•  Are you emotionally available to date?

What if you had a team of experts give you honest and rigorous feedback about how you are presenting to the opposite sex?

What if you had a mirror to help you see yourself from an outside perspective?

With Get Dating Ready, you get honest, rigorous feedback about how you present: physically, emotionally and psychologically.


Sit with Dr. Judy, a published Clinical Psychologist. Together, you’ll track dating patterns and show you how and why the relationship broke — fix your relationship picker and review new skills on how to choose, who to choose, and how to fix yourself first.

Dr. Judy works with you to teach basic communication skills — incorporating a patented 9-panel process map to map your journey from where you currently are through solutions to the relationship you want.


Our Get Dating Ready team consists of a Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Wardrobe Consultant, Psychologist and Mock Daters. Together, we are committed to ensuring that you can become the Best of your Best.


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